Week 3 – Opt In Form

Week 3 – Opt In Form

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This week is about adding an opt in form to my blog.  Unfortunately, this means I need to join Aweber.  I say unfortunately because I already subscribe to TrafficWave.  I don’t think I really need 2 autoresonders.  I have 2 paid lead campaigns running with TrafficWave that I would have to throw away if I left.  Also, if I want to continue to pursue Team Atlantis, I need to stay with TrafficWave.  Aweber is integrated with products that are used with program.  I won’t have to struggle as much and will be able to do everything if I just join Aweber.  I guess I will just have to have 2 autoresponders for now.

I registered with Aweber through my affiliate ID.  Maybe I can get a commission but probably not.  Aweber walks you through creating the first list which follows the videos.  I customized the confirmation message but am sure I will tweak it at least once more.  I also added a follow-up email thanking the person for signing up in the email series but that is the only email in the series for now.

Creating the sign up form was straight forward.  Again, Aweber pretty much walked me through it which matched the video.  I am really not sure if creating a form in Aweber was necessary or not.  I say that because OptimizerPress interfaces with Aweber and I designed another form in OptimizerPress.  I just went back and watched the video again.  The HTML code for the Aweber form is copied into OptimizePress but some of it must be changed since the final form is designed and edited in my blog.  This is one of those details I just have to accept because I am sure I will never know exactly how it works.  It just works.

The week 3 checklist concludes with

“add an optin form to your blog, you will then be ready to start building a mailing list.”

That is true but we still need to drive traffic to the blog.

On to week 4

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