Week 2 – Blog Appearance

This week is about improving the appearance of the blog.  Boy does it need it. The first thing needed was a product called OptimizePress.  This is like a super theme or widget, it can be either.  I guess you use it as a widget if you already have a theme you like.  I purchased the Core Package for now which allows use on 3 sites.   Downloaded the theme version, installed it, activated it and set it up.  Since I installed OptimizePress and set it up, I have watched a couple of training videos.  Just seeing a few of the capabilities is overwhelming.  Knowing how to use the full potential of OptimizePress easily could be a career.  Unbelievable capabilities!!!  Can’t wait to use more of the capabilities.

Now a blog header is needed.  This will really start jazzing up my blog.  The problem is I have no idea what I want for a header.  I went to the P2S forum and looked at many blogs for ideas.  No real help.  I have thought and thought about a header to no avail.  Finally, I was to the point I had to do something.  I finally settled on a roadmap concept.  I realize it is not very original but I needed something.  John suggested using his graphic’s guy or checking out fiverr.com.  I checked out fiverr but everyone was more expensive than John’s guy, Steve.

Scan-130318-0002 (2)While I was trying to figure out a header, I came across a picture from our trip to Yellowstone.  We were all around a sign for Old Faithful.  I ask Steve to use the picture in the header with the other family members removed.  The result is the right side of the header.  Let me know what you think of the header.

Since it took me several days to figure out the header, I completed the reset of the checklist first.  I installed the ShareBar, All in One SEO and Link Manager plugins.  I wrote an “About Bob Caine” page.   I am not good at talking about myself so this still needs work,

I wanted a separate page for reviews and tips.  I needed this page to be a blog like the home page.  A plugin, WP Exclude From Home Page,  which allows the exclusion of specified topics from the home page.  Then I created a page which includes only those topics.  Finally I added the all pages to a menu.

So concludes week 2.

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  1. Hi Bob: just wanted to say that your blog is great looking and well put together. I love the road. Couldn’t be more perfect. Did you design that or was that done for you?. It made me think how I was feeling so many roads you can go down, but which one?

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