Traffic Codex

Traffic Codex

When is the last time you saw a website that advertised itself as free and it was?  No upgrade is even available, there is very little advertising, and no emails.

Are you already a member of traffic exchanges and safelists?  Do you want even more credits from them without ANY more effort?  How about promo codes for free credits at dozens and dozens of traffic exchanges and safelists.

Traffic Codex provides you with current promo codes for traffic exchanges and safelists in one place.  And, it is easy to use. Simply login, enter a site URL and find a list of all available codes.  Or download our browser extension that will light up whenever you are in a site with an available promo code!

Trafficcodex also works as a free downline builder.  Enter your referral ID for any sites where you belong and you get a referral whenever someone joins from Trafficcodex.

What more could you want

  • Always free
  • Promo codes for free credits
  • Great downline builder

Traffic Codex for Free credits
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