Phase 2 – Figure Out a Product

face-think-about-it-1554892-639x479Phase 1, My Blog, is finished.  I thought creating the blog was very straight forward and easy.  This is probably because I had done most of tasks before.  I am currently reading Bloggers Roadmap looking for ways to improve my blog.  I have already found a couple of things one of which I have implemented.  I created a footer menu and moved all the mundane pages like the legal pages to that menu from the blog menu.  I like those pages on the footer much better.  The second thing I learned is where all the code is for the various parts of the blog in case I have to modify it.  I am going to do my best to avoid changing code.

Enough about Phase 1, I am on Phase 2 now.  I freely admit I am not looking forward to this Phase.  I have absolutely no idea what product I want to create.  Let alone a product I am capable of creating.  What the heck do I know enough about to create a product.  Plus I need at least one up sell and a down sell products.

At the moment, I am leaning toward an ebook for a product because I don’t have the necessary skills to program anything.  But, an ebook about what?  I am an expert at not succeeding on the internet.  Doesn’t sound very marketable to me.  Hopefully, Partnership to Success has some great methods to teach me how to solve this problem.  I really need to keep a positive attitude.

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  • Hilbert Lim

    Reply Reply November 11, 2015

    Hi Bob,

    As a read along your every posts, I really enjoyed every bit of words you express. You freely express your thoughts and that’s what separates you from the crowd.

    When starting out my online journey couple of months ago, I was also like you but through John’s P2S easy to follow training, I’m planning to start creating my own digital product soon.

    Needless to say, I came across so many roadblocks along my journey to the online world and reading every posts you’ve made somewhat lighten up the loads I carry along my way.

    Keep posting, and I hope you’ll watch out when my own digital product hits the market soon.

    Hilbert Lim
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