Hello world!

Hello world!

sm_rotating_globeI realize that most people delete this post and its title because it is just a sample page created when you install WordPress.   But, I thought it was a very appropriate title for my first post as I restart my internet marketing career.  I use the term restart because I have tried this before – twice – with no success.  This time is different.

You may have heard the definition of CRAZY which goes

Crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

That definition applies to my experiences at internet marketing.  I have surfed traffic exchanges and clicked safelist emails 1000’s and 1000’s of times.  In return, I have received small payments here and there, but nothing I would call income.  Finally, sanity has prevailed and I am switching to a new approach.

I am learning how to produce an internet product using a program called Partnership to Success with John Thornhill.  This is a 52 week program with weekly lessons.  I will talk about my experiences as I go and I will share what I learn.  I will also talk about products I have used, both good and bad, to help you make smarter decisions.

I hope you will follow my journey learning product development.  I am anxious to get started, scared of some of the things to come, and eager to share my experiences with you.

Look out here I come.

And So It Begins,
Bob Caine

Please leave comments about how I am doing, what you think about the content, or just to say HI!


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