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Traffic Codex

When is the last time you saw a website that advertised itself as free and it was?  No upgrade is even available, there is very little advertising, and no emails.

Are you already a member of traffic exchanges and safelists?  Do you want even more credits from them without ANY more effort?  How about promo codes for free credits at dozens and dozens of traffic exchanges and safelists.

Traffic Codex provides you with current promo codes for traffic exchanges and safelists in one place.  And, it is easy to use. Simply login, enter a site URL and find a list of all available codes.  Or download our browser extension that will light up whenever you are in a site with an available promo code!

Trafficcodex also works as a free downline builder.  Enter your referral ID for any sites where you belong and you get a referral whenever someone joins from Trafficcodex.

What more could you want

  • Always free
  • Promo codes for free credits
  • Great downline builder

Traffic Codex for Free credits
Join Now and start getting your free credits

Explosive Traffic Co-op

Increase Your Advertising, Not Your WorkI mentioned Explosive Traffic when I talked about traffic exchange advertising co-ops.  I wanted to review Explosive traffic because of its unique feature.  First, let me say that this is free site but like most traffic exchanges there are upgrades available. Traffic explosion is the only web advertising site I have ever seen that allows you to pick and choose upgrade features called addons.  The number of addons you want dictates the price.  You can earn up to 3 upgrade features based on the number of times your co-op url is shown.

The addons available are

  • Increase Credit Agent Value – increases the amount of advertising revenue you receive for showing the Explosive traffic url up tp triple
  • Double Commission – increase commissions from 25% to 50%
  • Geotargetting – target your advertising campaigns based on country
  • Branding – have your name and gravatar shown along with your websites
  • More Campaigns – 5 is the basic number of ad campaigns but can be increased to 10, 15 or 20
  • Bonus Advertising – receive $1, $2 or $3 advertising credit per month
  • Percentile Targeting – Target your sites to only our top traffic sources

One last feature that can be useful is the ability to block traffic exchanges where you don’t want you ads shown.  You could use this feature to block the sites that you surf regularly if you wanted.

Of course the biggest reason to use any advertising source is results.  I have great results using Explosive Traffic.  Plus, if I want to change my advertising I do it in one place not dozens of traffic exchanges.  Much easier and cleaner.

The one con I have found to Explosive Traffic is tracking urls only show one site not the dozens where the ad has been shown.  This isn’t that bad since reporting is provided showing the Top 10 and the Last 10 sites showing your ads.

I highly recommend Explosive Traffic. Try it yourself, click on the banner below, and let me know what you think.

Explode Your Traffic, Not Your Surfing

Advertising Co-ops

Do you use Traffic Exchanges?

Do you surf dozens of Traffic Exchanges so your ads can be seen on as many TEs as possible?

Do you have 4 or 5 favorite Traffic Exchanges?

How would you like to only surf your favorite Traffic Exchanges and have your ads seen on dozens?

If you answered yes to these questions, you should be using an advertising co-op.  The purpose of an advertising co-op is show your ads on a large number of traffic exchanges.  Your ads will be shown on these traffic exchanges whether you belong to them or not.  That’s right!  Your ads will be shown on traffic exchanges that you don’t surf or even belong.  A good ad co-op will get your ads on more traffic exchanges than you could possibly surf or if you did you wouldn’t accumulate enough credits to get your ads shown very much.

How is this possible?  The ad co-op provide a URL which you will advertise on the sites you surf.  This URL will show the ads that the co-op members are promoting, a rotator.  Since the co-op members belong to many different traffic exchanges, your ads are seen on many different TEs.  Also, co-ops may purchase credits on TEs and promote the URL themselves.

The biggest benefit to an advertising co-op is how easy it is to change your ads.  You can control all your advertising from a single place.  No more going from site to site changing URLs and assigning credits.  Go to one place.  Much easier.

What makes a good advertising co-op?  That is a hard question to answer.  I like ad co-ops that are open about the traffic exchanges they use.  I also want to know where my ads were shown.  Some ad co-ops will provide a list of TEs where they won’t advertise because of poor performance.

My favorite ad co-op is Explosive Traffic.  Explosive Traffic meets all the criteria I mentioned above plus has some very unique features.  It has a menu of upgrades that you can earn by showing their URL.  Another ad co-op that I like and use is the Legacy Team Co-op.  It also meets all the criteria but treats upgrades in the standard way.

If you aren’t using advertising co-ops, I would strongly suggest that you do.