Leads Leap

Lead Leap

Leads Leap is the most amazing group of marketing tools I have ever seen and its free.   There is an upgrade available but it will be  a long time before I exceed the free capabilities.  Here are the features of Leads Leap I have discovered so far and I haven’t even used all of these yet.

  1. Advertise within Leads Leap and you get paid to view other members ads.
  2. The best link trackers I have ever seen.  Plus using Leads Leap tracker gets your ads shown on 1000’s of web sites.
  3. If you have a website or blog, you can the Leads Leap widget and get advertising on the websites and blogs of other members,
  4. Search engine traffic from reviews you write which are rotated through the Social Review Directory.
  5. A 10 level deep downline builder through a “unique, sustainable and annoyance-free communication system” .
  6. Website/Blog popup generator that can make almost any popup you can think of to increase your conversion rate.
  7. A cookie generator so you can customize what people see on your website or blog.
  8. An autoresponder and list manager that can be used with the popup generator.
  9. An OTO script so you can build sales funnel with
    1. built in auto-responder
    2. mass mailer
    3. one-time offer system
    4. payment integration
    5. affiliate program

ALL this is FREE.  Where can you find more marketing tools for a better price?

My only small complaint is that you cannot send email to your downline.  All you can do is offer recommendations which show up on emails your downline receive.  I understand Leads Leap philosophy of annoyance-free communication, but I would like to send my downline an email,

If you are serious about internet marketing and you are operating on a shoestring budget, you need Leads Leap.