Beginning the Journey

Beginning the Journey

wandererAs I said in my first post, I had to change what I was doing if I am going to make an income from the internet.  I have committed to changing.  I have learned that I am extremely susceptible to jumping from one internet opportunity to another over a very short period of time.  Basically, I found a fantastic opportunity or program; I sign-up; I advertise the heck out of it and I wait.  When a lot of people didn’t sign up in a week or so, I am on to the next opportunity.

That is not the way to succeed on the internet.  It takes patience and perseverance.  For whatever reason, I don’t seem to have either with my own internet business.  I tell myself over and over with a particular program I will be patient and persistent.  Guess what?  After 2 or 3 weeks with minimum or no success, a new program attracts my attention  and off I go.  I obviously have to find a different way to do things and stop being like the guy on the right side of my header.

I love helping people.  I really love helping people succeed and learn.  How do I do that?  I started looking into product development.  I found John Thornhill and his Partnership to Success program.  John is extremely successful training people in product development.  What I like most about the program is the 52 week training program and John’s commitment to everyone’s success.  You must do the training in sequence since you only have access to 1 week at a time.  I need that kind of structure to keep me focused.

I am committed to this program for the duration.  I signed up September 15, 2015 and am ready to start.  (I have provided a count down in the right hand column.)

I am announcing to the world that I will complete the 52 weeks of training one week at a time.  This blog will help keep me on track.  Please follow my progress and provide comments to help me improve.  All comments welcome.  Constructive criticism is always helpful.  I appreciate your help making this the best blog possible.

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